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  1. This is a best launcher but i m looking for some 3d themes . and the game is really sucks can you provide more game option for me , i really fade up with single game.

  2. I love this Launcher,but for some reason when I apply any one of my themes,there isnt a clock,time,date being applied as well. There should be! I just dont get why it isnt coming up.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, As your concern regarding no clock widget on Home screen, It seems you have removed or No apps shortcut on home screen. Try to add any app shortcut on home screen (if empty) then restart launcher by
      Long tap on home screen -> Launcher Settings -> Restart launcher(scroll down to find).

      if issue still persist please contact us, We’ll assist you soon.


  3. the CMM Launcher 2019 is very unstable on my P35 Pro smart phone! Does anyone have a fix or update for that?

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